Bobby Chopra:
The Quiet Thinking Man

Rajan Chopra in he media

A drive across the country from Miami to Montana, down the Pacific coast, Napa, Death Valley, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and back to Miami in a Porsche GT3RS is a remarkable feat for anyone at any age. But driving 9,000 miles. In 15 days. Solo. In a race car? What was this man thinking…he’s 65!

Born and raised in India into a humble family, Bobby Chopra learned early about the importance of hard work, setting goals and taking risks in pursuing dreams. With limited financial resources but ample intellect and determination he found the way to America where the dream of his youth came true when at the age of 36 he became a successful trader on Wall Street.

After an illustrious 30-year trading career, life took Bobby on a new journey and he moved to Miami to reinvent himself with renewed passion and purpose. He is now creating quite a buzz in the business world, coaching and advising business leaders and helping them grow from good to great. At the same time, Bobby is empowering Miami’s youth and their families by teaching financial literacy seminars through a partnership he created with “Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami.”

What led to your crazy adventure and what happened during the trip?
Six years ago I decided to restart my life all over again. I always loved traveling and used to race Porsches as a hobby, so I combined my two biggest passions and went on a trip crossing 25 states in 15 days. I had no plan for the first time in my life – just a desire to disconnect from things. And this is exactly what traveling does. After a few days of driving the noise from my life filtered out and I realized that my true calling was coaching people.

What does a coach do?
First of all, it is good to understand, why athletes have coaches. Athletes are great at what they do to begin with. Their coaches, however, can see something that can make the athletes get better. Even the greatest athletes need someone to push them out from their comfort zone.
Coaching in general is about looking forward. It is a process of helping people to develop the way of thinking that will enable them to make better decisions consistently and sustainably over time.