Business coach on facing workplace challenges: ‘It’s all about the mind-set’

Rajan Chopra in the media

Born and raised in India into a humble family, Rajan “Bobby” Chopra learned early about the importance of hard work, setting goals, taking risks in furthering his education and pursuing his dreams. His journey led him from India to Sweden to earn an MBA, before arriving in New York, where he worked as a consultant for an international accounting firm and then as a successful derivatives trader on Wall Street for 30 years.

In between stints on Wall Street, Chopra had senior C-suite roles at public and private companies, founded businesses, and served as an advisor to senior executives and CEOs. He moved to Miami six years ago and now lives here full time. A year ago, he built on his long experience in the corporate world and founded Chopra Coaching. He now coaches, advises and mentors senior business leaders, entrepreneurs and investment professionals and helps them grow from good to great. At the same time, Chopra makes time to empower Miami’s youth and their families by teaching financial literacy seminars through a partnership he created with “Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami.”

A strategic thinker with a curious mind, Chopra says he enjoys helping clients bring positive change, innovate and grow into great business leaders

Q. As a coach to high level executives, what exactly do you do?

A. Coaching in general is about looking forward. It is a process of helping people develop a way of thinking that will enable them to make better decisions consistently and sustainably over time. For example, I am coaching the CEO and executive team at a Fortune 200 company on leadership development, business strategy and innovative thinking. These are already very successful and smart people who want to become even better. They want someone from the outside, an objective, forward-thinking coach who is a sounding board and guide to their future growth and success.

Q. Is business coaching only for upper level managers?

A. Coaching is for anyone who wants to get better at things they are doing. Often getting better in your career requires changing your mind-set. All of us have blind spots, certain self-limiting beliefs, such as “I can’t do it.” After someone changes his mind-set, the next step is to change habits and routines ingrained in the subconscious. A good coach will help a client break any process down into small parts, help them look at things the way they are, and help them move forward and make better decisions.

Q. What is the biggest challenge your clients are dealing with now?

A. There is no No. 1 challenge. There are so many, depending on where you are in the organization and the industry you are in…