Why Fund Managers Need A Coach

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who makes you see what you don’t want to see, so that you can be who you always knew you could be.” – Tom Landry

If athletes, business executives and other professionals use coaches for improving their thinking and performance why don’t fund managers and investment professionals?  Some do but most don’t.


Perhaps it’s never crossed their minds to work with a coach since they don’t know enough about the benefits of good coaching in advancing their growth and performance.  Or maybe, let’s admit it, since fund managers, traders and risk professionals are inherently a very smart bunch of people, aka Masters of the Universe, who know it all – why would they ever need a coach to help them figure how to get from here to there?

Here are a few ways how a good coach can help fund managers and investment professionals.

Critical Thinking

At a time when the alternatives industry is under siege and disruption from investors, structural changes, fee compression and competing products where capital is increasingly flowing to the larger institutions it’s imperative to have a differentiating edge with respect to:

  • Investment strategy
  • Risk management discipline
  • Operations
  • Marketing

A good coach will not only be an objective thinking partner but also an accountability guide in thinking through ideas, choices and in implementing necessary changes.

Performance Related Stress

Rare is a fund manager or trader who does not live under performance related stress.  It seeps into our very core and often impacts every aspect of our professional and personal lives.  The pressure of markets brings out many emotions on a daily basis – greed, fear, frustration, and the highs and lows of P/L swings.  How does one achieve a good work-life balance under such conditions?

Here again, a good coach can be very helpful in how one can improve decision-making processes and behaviors that are most conducive to mitigating stress.

The value of good coaching is not measurable in quantifiable terms yet it’s real.  It can make all the difference in growing from good to great.


The author, a former derivatives trader, is the founder of Chopra Coaching. He specializes in coaching investment professionals, senior executives and entrepreneurs.  Learn more about him at www.chopracoaching.com.