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I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. After undergrad studies I left India and went to Stockholm University in Sweden to earn my MBA. While getting my degree, I held down three jobs: dishwasher, waiter, subway attendant.

It wasn’t easy. But it was the only way I could support myself and contribute to my family back home. The experience shaped my core values – integrity, compassion and hard work.

I graduated from the MBA program with honors and was recruited by Price Waterhouse Coopers in Stockholm. After two years, the firm awarded me a transfer to its head office in New York.

In the early ‘80s, I joined JP Morgan Chase on Wall Street. It was an exciting period in finance. Interest rate and currency derivatives were being created. Only a handful of professionals understood them. Together, with a few of the brightest minds in the business, I found myself at the epicenter of trading and developing derivatives instruments and markets.
And so started a long and rewarding 30-year career in trading. In between stints on Wall Street, I’ve had senior C-suite roles at public and private companies, have founded or co-founded businesses, and served as an advisor to senior executives and CEOs.

Trading and entrepreneurship teach life lessons. One experiences a vast amount of situations and human behaviors in these pressure-filled environments. There’s little room for pretense, indecision, and B.S. They say traders and entrepreneurs die a few times each day and are reborn stronger. They learn to deal with adversity and achieve balance. I certainly feel this has been true for me.

I’ve worked with traders, brokers, hedge fund managers, bankers, attorneys, C-suite executives at large and small organizations. I know what they face. I understand how they think. I was one of them and have effectively dealt with those challenges – I get it.

For years now I’ve coached, mentored and trained investment pros from entry level through senior management, and consulted business leaders as well as ordinary people who went on to do extraordinary things.

As a strategic thinker with a curious mind, I love playing a part in helping my clients innovate and bring positive change. I strive to be a no-nonsense yet compassionate coach and go-to person. I’m equally at home from New York to New Delhi and from the trading floor to the boardroom.

I live in Miami, Florida, but make a point to be wherever my clients need me to be.

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