• Coaching is a simple way to reinforce the importance of leadership by listening and teaching, not command and control.

    Sandeep Mathrani,
    Chief Executive Officer, GGP

  • My experience with Rajan Chopra has been enjoyable and rewarding. He is an attentive listener and disciplined with his observations. His coaching style is unique as it is enriched by his ability to identify with many workplace dynamics.

    Brian McCarthy,
    Executive Vice President, GGP

  • Rajan is a true partner who not only serves as a great sounding board but also doesn’t hesitate to provide a different perspective.

    Shobi Khan,
    President & Chief Operating Officer, GGP

  • I was fortunate to work with Rajan as a member of the executive team at GGP. I found his background, skills and coaching style of great benefit in helping me further improve my skills as a person and as a team member of a broader organization. I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Rajan for many years.

    Scott Morey,
    Executive Vice President, GGP

  • Rajan Chopra is an incredibly thoughtful and insightful coach. He truly listens and is a wonderful mentor, advocate and guide. He is an asset to someone looking to be professionally empowered.

    Amy Rosenberg,
    Director, Young Arts Foundation

  • I’ve been working with Rajan for a few months, and his coaching has helped me truly focus and prioritize my daily activities. The result has been that I’m achieving my goals more quickly, and I’m spending less time on non-core tasks. He has also helped me think through some important negotiations. I’ve quickly seen a positive impact on my already-successful business. I highly recommend Rajan as an executive coach.

    Mike Lingle,

  • I worked with Rajan for several years. He is a highly skilled veteran of the business. He is the consummate professional. I endorse him without hesitation.

    Jack Walsh

  • I have known and worked with Rajan over the past 25+ years. He is a pleasure to work with and excels in a team environment while always contributing at a high level with creative ideas that are result oriented. Without any hesitation or reservation, I am pleased to offer Rajan my highest endorsement and recommendation.

    Vinayek Singh

  • I worked with Rajan first as a colleague on the Chase North America Structured Derivatives desk and later as a business partner when he assumed a senior role for the Treasury Group. Rajan was an influential colleague who skillfully analyzed fiscal and monetary policy, economic data and global markets; deftly traded cash and derivative products and consistently offered valuable insight.

    Tony Hamer

  • I have found him to be extremely intelligent, professional and personal. His disciplined and approachable nature make him an asset to compliment any team.

    Chas Mancuso

  • I had the great pleasure of working closely with Rajan for a number of years. His strong ethical and professional approach allowed him to develop strong and long lasting relationships.

    John C. Gavin

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